Thursday, July 3, 2014

2 Pillow Covers in 10 Minutes

I have been wanting to change our living room pillow covers that I have for over than 5 years. It was green with brown trim. When I went to Goodwill a couple weeks ago. I found 2 set remnant fabric for $.50 each. At time I bought it I didn't think about the pillows. I just interesting with the "ikat" pattern on the fabric.


I got home and put it on the pillow and amazingly the measurement exactly perfect for what I need to cover 2 pillows with the back in different fabric which I already have around. I used one set of the remnant and save the other one for another project.

I just bought a sewing machine from Goodwill Outlet Auction which still perfectly working for $5 what a steal. So, I used the machine to sew the pillow covers in about 10 minutes for both of them.

I really am happy with the result. This is such an easy project and cheap too, consider if you buy new pillows or covers at least you have to spend $15 for 2.

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