Friday, July 25, 2014

Our Road Trip To 3 States

Hi all !

I hope you had a great today. It was really beautiful in my area after been pouring raining yesterday.

This weekend we went to Pensacola, FL to attended our friend wedding. It was really nice trip and tiring. We drove for almost 1950 miles round trip.

On the way there we stopped and spend the night in Savannah, Ga. I have been wanting to visit Savannah for a while. So, we combined this trip with couple of the cities we want to visit.
Savannah such a really historic and old city. We enjoy the history behind this beautiful city.  Also we tried the Son and Lady restaurant ( Paula Deen ). I hate to say it the food wasn't really what we expected. I would say it was an OK food nothing really spectacular. I'm not sure what is going on because we love Paula Deen recipe.

We stayed in Destin, FL we want to enjoy this beach and drive to Pensacola from here to the wedding.  This is the first time  for me to visit this beautiful beach community. It was rain pouring when we were there. Thank God only part in the morning. So, we still can enjoy Destin for a little bit before we heading to the wedding.
Love the dress !!
I took those woods home and I will use for my decoration :)
Love this LOVE bottles sign. Aren't they cute and very creative. The bride made it
On our way home we took a different route we passed Atlanta and stopped by there to have dinner. We stayed in Charlotte, NC before we continued our trip home. We visited Billy Graham Library. This the second time for me to visit this Library and first time for my husband. We really did enjoy it. As always such a blessing to visit this library. It's really a great reminding how God use any men to bring the gospel across the world if we only surrender and obey HIM.

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