Thursday, April 18, 2013

Before and After My Swivel Chair

Hi everyone!
I'm so excited to introduce you my new swivel chair that I got from Goodwill Auction a couple of weeks ago. If you have a Goodwill Auction in your area, I recomended you to visit it. My husband and I were having fun there. This trip was our second trip. The first trip, we did not buy anything. Somehow with this one we managed to bid a couple of furniture.

One of them is this swivel chair { looks old and worn out }

The shape is relatively in good condition except the fabric already worn out. I washed the fabric. Spray it with Lysol and vacuum inside out.
I search for a custom slipcover and to my surprise all the price is out of my budget. So, I was browsing from all diffrent company who made slipcover but still in my budget. I found this slipcover from ikea and with in my budget :)
I put the slipcover on and is too big oh my...! I don't want to return it so I have to make it work...I tug the fabric here and there to the chair. Until this is hapened !
Not too bad. Now I can sit comfortably on my " new to me" swivel chair.
I was searching on line for a new swivel chair and found this, I think is close enough to what I have found. This price is way out of my budget more than 10 times of my new slipcover price. With all that said  I'm very happy with mine !

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  1. Hi
    You have good covered your chair ,it is look is beautiful use this technique safe our chair.
    Thank for sharing
    Drehhocker PU


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