Monday, April 8, 2013

Cherry Blossom Festival and Everything Else

I hope you all have a blessed and great weekend. Our weekend was busy and fun. The weather has been nice to us as well around 60 -70 degrees. We went to D.C to see Cherry Blossom Festival. Oh boy....that was very crowded. We did a lot of walked, my feet almost fall apart but all those walk was worthed. We have been wanting to do this since we were live in NY but we didn't have a chance until this past weekend.

I have been to D.C for a couple of times when I was single. This time was special because I went with the love of my life. We went to this river cruise by Potomac River  I bought ticket from Living Social { I love bargain :)}. We parked at Georgetown, I love this town is beautiful and historic also lots of brand name store.

On Sunday we went to church and have a little picnic at the local park. We got our lunch from Jason Deli, I love their chicken salad with pineapple. We went to Outlet I get a couple of stuff from Banana Republic they had 50 % off everything icluding clearance. I love it when they have this sale. Later on that evening, we went to visit my brother in law in hospital.

The view from the Boat Cruise
Famous Cupcake Store :) { they were so good }
Canal in Georgetown
My handsome hubby :)
The Cherry not fully bloom yet. The weird weather  ( snow, hot, rain) put lots factor why they are not bloom. We are thinking going back next week hopefully they are fully bloom.
Beautiful Indian dance and performance with all these beautiful girls as well !
We posed by Thomas Jefferson monument, we really cherrish this moment and will treasure it :)

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