Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Blessings

Happy Monday all !! Hope you all had a nice Easter Holiday and good time with your love one. After Sunday Easter service my husband and I went to my brother and sister in-law house for dinner. We had so much food and they all were yumm.

We are so blessed to have friends and family around us to celebrate the love of Jesus in our life. The message at church was amazing " The Empty Celebration" because of the empty tomb you and I can face tomorrow and have hope in this life.
We got 2 of this beautiful Easter Lily from church. Our church have the program every year on Easter and Christmas, organized to purchase flower. The flower you purchase could be in honor or in memory of your loved one. They will use those flowers as decoration on Sunday Easter after the service you take the flower home. We got one in memory of my parents and my father in-law. We put one at my father in-law cemetry and bring one home.

Got this beautiful gift bag from my Secret Sister, what a blessings not only she pray and thinking of me but she got me something nice and thoughtful. Thank you so much my SS, God Bless you and pray for you as well can't wait to reveal your identity in October :)
Beautiful journal with a good reminder !
This is such a beautiful knitting that was so thoughtful of her !!
Spring defenitely is here, got this beautiful yellow tree from my sister in-law's yard.
Yum mashed potato made by my husband !
Seven layers beautiful salad made by my sister in-law
Tasty maccaroni salad made by myself :)
My beautiful niece happened to wear same color tone with me.
A happy face to celebrate the victory in Jesus on His Resurrection Day !!



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