Friday, August 16, 2013

New Look Old Vintage Sewing Machine

Wow...I can't believe it the weather has been so nice in our area. The breeze, cool air and light sweater. I Feel like we are in Fall season !! Yet, we are still in mid of August ! Can you believe that !!

I Have to enjoy this beautiful weather and take advantage every moment of it. Painting and sanding in my balcony is one of them.

This sewing machine I got it almost over a year ago from CL. I use it as my night stand. I like it because is tall and work out good with our tall bed. Since I got it. I've never do anything with it. First I thought I will painting it. But it never happen :)

Until this past week I start to bring it into my balcony. I was sanding, clean to prep for painting. I was thinking to put stain on top and natural color paint on everything else.  But after I'm done sanding the top and found out the wood was a laminating.

First plan not going to work. So I have to go with other plan which was painting the whole things with natural color. I choose Valspar White Birchwood.

After the paint dried up ( I put about 3 coats ) I applied lacquer by Rust-Oleum to finished it up.

Also, I give a little distress on the edge to give a feeling of vintage sewing machine :)

This sewing machine not so old anymore :)


  1. Love the new "vintage" look for the sewing machine table!


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