Friday, August 23, 2013

Shabby Chic Sewing Machine

Hi all ! What a wonderful day ! Friday is here. I hope you have a wonderful plan for the weekend. Or just enjoy your time with your love one.

I love how this sewing machine turned out. My husband even tempted to keep it. But we will see as for now I put it on CL. If someone claimed it great if not great too.

I got it from a goodwill auction. I start working on it. As usual I did all the step how to work on furniture, sanded, clean and so on.

I use Min Wax Chestnut stained for the top and Behr paint left over from another project for the rest part. I would say this project is easier than the other sewing machine I have done. I put 2 coats paint. And finished it up with lacquers.


I keep the old hardware. I cleaned it and spray painted it with bronze color.

Not so shabby sewing machine !!!

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