Monday, August 19, 2013

Bargain Garden Stool { Our Weekend }

Happy Monday All !! I hope you had a great day !!

Usually I don't post about our weekend on regular basis unless we have a special trip to share and to remember. But last week and this week I feel I want to share it on this blog. Our weekend was more relaxing this week not like last week lots running around. We enjoyed it very much just my husband and I.

As usual we went to farmer's market in the morning and got all these fresh produce for $7. Seriously, whenever we buy a house in the future I want to make sure to have a yard to make my own garden. Farmers' market produce much more tastier than regular market.

After farmers' market trip we went to flea market try to find tools. But we couldn't find any. Next time for sure we will,  just need to be patient.

But instead, we find this beautiful garden stool. I've been wanting for  this kind of stool for awhile. The man who sell the stool told me is $5 and I still try to bargain for $3. { I know I'm ridiculous :) }
I found some online with the price totally out of my budget. I found at  overstock they sell it for $125. Mine is totally a great bargain. Again my patient paid off :)

In the afternoon we went to this farm festival called sweet corn festival and bought a bunch of corn, tomatoes. My husband loves their tomatoes.
We had nice dinner with our fresh corn, some produce from farmer's market along with crab cakes from Trader Joes. And butter pecan ice cream from farmers' market for dessert.
Sunday we went to church and did some shopping at the outlet and found some bargain. 
Today I sold one of my furniture project  through Craigslist :)


  1. Marlin, what a great deal! $5! I love your garden stool! All that fresh produce looks delicious. Great post.

    Have a beautiful day!
    Linda and Jeannie at The French Hens Nest

  2. Aww...thank you ! yes, indeed those produce are very delicious ! Thank you for stopping by ! You have a great week !


  3. That is a crazy, crazy deal! Enjoy your new stool...any big plans for it?

    1. Hi Kelly, I know I cant believe it myself either when the man told me the price. For now I just keep it in my living room :) Thank you for stopping by !! Have a great weekend !!


  4. This kind of deal is what we live for and love to see someone get!! Triple WOW!!!


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