Friday, March 28, 2014

Easter/Spring Entry Way

I took a little walk today and loved it so much. The weather getting beautiful each and everyday. I hope will stay that way. No more snow, please ! I see the flowers bud starting to show up and bring up beautiful color. The birds start to chirping in morning. I really enjoy it , the only complain I have is my allergy starting to bothering me too :)

Last year after Easter some of the store have a big sale. I bought a couple of stuff that I can use for Easter/Spring decoration this year.

Today I decorate my entry way. I have print this subway art at Walgreen for free. I found it and  download it from website. I also use the orchid that I pick from garbage can, literally ! I thought I will take a chance to grow it. And it is growing and showing the beautiful flower as well. The chick candles and small bowl I got it from Michael store last year.

I didn't do much on entry way. But I still can feel the Easter/Spring in my house.

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