Monday, March 17, 2014

Our Nice And Busy Weekend ( Park, GW and Relaxing )

We had a busy and full Saturday. It was a beautiful sunny day here in our area, we really enjoyed every minute of it before we went back to cold and snowy today. The weather is just like riding a roller coaster going up and down very quickly. I really cant wait until Spring is here.
I hope you had a wonderful one too !

In the morning, we went to explore this beautiful park in our state. We took a nice hike for about 3 miles and even brought our lunch to eat in the park. We spent the afternoon talking about my childhood and some other good memories to both of us. The park has a campground too that we might try sometime this year.

On the way home I saw a Goodwill store and told my husband to stop. My sweet husband jokes with me that I have a radar for every thrift store we past by :) I explored GW for about 1/2 hour and came out with some goodies. 4 bags for $15. What a steal !!

 Also I found this silver plate set for $85. I hope someone who have money or budget for silver plate set will buy them. For sure not me :)

I had a coupon from Kohl's for $5 off  $5 so we were stopped there and bought two beautiful kitchen towels for $3 after the coupon. And our mail box surprised me with this 2 FREE magazines.
We did our groceries shopping after that so back to reality. I experimented with a new chicken recipe. My husband loved it.

I saw this palm tree at Wal-Mart I think they beautiful to put in the back porch for this Summer. Sadly, I don't have a porch !

We watched this movie based on the true story called Captain Philips. Then ending our beautiful Saturday with Jell-O on top :)

I hope you have a blessed week !!

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