Friday, March 14, 2014

Bring Me Back The Memory

I love cooking show, basically anything about home maker. If only we have the cable I would be glued my eyes on food channel and HGTV. Thank God we don't have it although we have a couple of basic channel from the air :) So, I watched YouTube or swag buck to see those show.

This week I searched different kind of food from my back home. I feel want to make all those food that bring back memory from my childhood. Probably I would try to make the recipe one of these days. When we were live in Queens, NYC I can just buy some of them from the store ( lots of Asian store there )

This kue lupis was one of my favorite during the weekend. I love the textured of the sweet rice and you pour the palm sugar on top. Hmmm...the taste memory is still fresh in my mind. To my surprised actually have the recipe. The different is only the shape they usually come in triangle shape like the picture below that I got from other site.

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Gethuk and gathot we were eat this as breakfast or dessert. The main ingredients is cassava. The process to make it kind of long and a little bit complicated. So, from what I heard this food already kind of rare you find in traditional market.

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Cenil usually you eat with lupis. They made it out of tapioca flour and put red or some other food coloring on it. After the cenil cook and ready to eat, they rolled it on grated coconut. And served with palm sugar syrup.
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My mom used to make this lappet often when we grew up and its known as our traditional dessert from Batak ethnic. It made out from rice flour, sugar, coconut and palm sugar. You steamed it inside the banana leaves. Usually you found this mostly in Batak gathering like wedding, baptism or some other social gathering or you can find it at traditional market as well. My husband love this as well !
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I still have lots of good food that I want to share but I don't want to bore you in this post. So far I only share dessert or something sweet. This last one is main dishes that I used to have often. My home town produce lots of sea food including this anchovies ( small fishes ). We fried it and put hot spicy tomato sauce combined it with fried peanut. We serve it with hot rice and some other dishes usually some kind vegies. Note : My husband doesn't like the idea of eating anchovy :)
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Hope you enjoy the culinary trip to my back home and memory that I have with these delicious food. Enjoy your weekend and be blessed !!


  1. ive never had any of this delishes looking dishes. They look good.

    1. You should try some of them Angie....probably you can check out if there is Indonesian store in you area :) Have a great weekend !


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