Thursday, March 6, 2014

If I Have The Money

Hi All !!

I browsed a couple of catalog the other day from Potter Barn, Ballard and Serena Lily. Those catalog look so beautiful and lots of stuff that want to buy. The only problem is I don't have budget for those beautiful thing.
Pottery Barn Rustic Mirror

PB Richard Taylor Scallop Shell Bowl

Instead, I can just enjoy them and have some idea from it. And one day I can find something similar from some other bargain store or even yard sale or flea market ( the season is almost here ). Here is of the stuff that I want to buy if I have the money or should I say budget :)

Ballard Orb Chandelier

Love this chandelier from Ballard. I wish I can make one like this or similar. This should be beautiful in dining room area.

We don't have headboard so this one should be nice to have or better yet to make one :)
Nantucket Bins – Natural (Set of 3) by S&L

Catalina Collection S&L

Happy browsing everyone !!!


  1. Tell me about it, I fell your pain. Theirs so many good things, but hey we always have the option of a good d.i.y.


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