Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Dumpster Diving Found

Hi all I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday ! It has been raining here since Monday. I hope we will get clear weather for next a couple of days so I can do my painting.

Today I will share my dumpster diving found. I did dumpster diving last week and found quite  a few treasure { prospect project }. These are the stuff I found.
This beautiful tray. I might can do something or paint it.
Mason jars everyone { become handy this summer for ice coffee}
I like this vase color { beautiful color for Christmas }
All these wreath will become handy on this Christmas. I might will make a couple of wreath for craft auction at my church to raise money for missionary.
I see the prospect in this garland for Christmas.
Basket for nice gift basket.
Brand New stuff animal for my Christmas shoes box.
 I can spray paint this lamp and use it as a candle holder or terrarium.
These games will become handy when we have company come over.
After all I am happy with what I found at dumpster diving.
Have you done dumpster diving and what did you find?

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