Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Huge Coffee Table Makeover ( Almost Gave Up )

I hope you all have a nice day ! It is the middle of the week already ! time just flies by... without realizing it we are almost done with this hot but lovely summer.

While the weather is still hot, sometimes it is nice to stay on my balcony to paint and makeover furniture that I have now. I enjoy every minute of it.

This huge coffee table is one of my projects. This one was really huge and heavy 60"x60"x24" and around 50-60 pounds. I'm so glad that someone already claimed it as their own through CL. But I want to share with you the pictures of before and after....

After we put the first coat of Red Cherry Stain

This table was a long project. After we put the first, and second coats of stain. We put Poly on it and to our surprise it turned all white. We were so disappointed and confused about what went wrong. We searched on the internet and discovered that it was probably the humidity. So we re-sanded it back ( yes we did it again ) to take all the white from the chemical reaction. And we redid it all over again. This time we put it inside the house to avoid the humidity but still... it gave us the same reaction...all white. This was the second time and we were almost ready to give up and just put this table into the dumpster or just paint the whole table with regular paint. I wish I took pictures of those white ugly spots all over the table. But we give it another try. This time we just give up to put Poly on it ( we left it without the Poly ).  We never figured out why. My thought is that the type of wood probably doesn't work with Poly. Or you might know..?

Despite all the crazy chemical reaction. Finally, the top was done and I was happy with it. I painted the base with Valspar Woodlawn Colonial Gray. I reused all the original hardware... cleaned them and spray painted them with a bronze color.

After I finished painting... about 3 coats. We sprayed it with Lacquer to give it a nice finish. Oh, thank God !! We were so happy with the final look. It took us more than a month between sanding and staining over and over again.

What project have you done and almost given up on it ???


  1. My parents have one almost identical, that I keep telling them for God Sake get rid of it, but hey now I want it, lol. Love your blog. I just followed you and hoping you'll follow back :)

    1. Hi Allie, Go for it !! I'm sure you will love that table after you put all those hard work on it :) Thank you for following me ! Sure, I will follow you back !! Have a nice week !!

  2. Oh, it turned out fabulous. Great makeover, I love it. Thanks so much for joining Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

    1. Hi Marty, Thank you so much !! Thank for having me at Inspire Me ! Xo,Marlin

  3. I had the same thing happen (about the white). If it was humid, the stain was probably not quite dry (even if it felt dry). When you put the poly on, it traps the humidity of the stain, which gives the white look. That's what I was told anyway. So I sanded it all again, and let the stain dry an extra day and had no problem with it at all the second time.

  4. I redo these coffee tables in to padded benches .... I’m hooked on them ... I recently found a full original set, including the end tables that they were sold with. So excited about how they are turning out!!


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