Wednesday, October 23, 2013

5 Desserts Using Apple

Fall is more real to me lately with the tree changing colors wherever you go. When I go to the store I see lots of  pumpkins, mums and the smells of good baking pies.

Since we got lots of Apples from the Orchard. I was searching on the internet for different kinds of recipes with Apple. I was amazed what you can do with Apple. And I can't put all of them here. So I picked 5 dessert recipes that interest me and will try one of them this week.

This Apple Crisp by Ina Garten looks very yum. I love her style of cooking. It shows 5 star with 354 reviews . That it self will tell how good is this recipe.


Salted Caramel Apple looks very delicious and sweet. Since my husband love sweet. He might love this one. I have never try or eat this kind of apple cake so I probably will try this one.

Muffins ! Hmmm....yum in the morning for breakfast. This Apple Strudel Muffins looks very simple and easy. Most of the time I have all the ingredients in my pantry and fridge. 1040 reviews with almost 5 stars from All Recipes site.


I love Apple Turnovers. Every time I go to the bakery if they have it I always get some. This recipes interest me from all the recipes I found through Google about Apple turnovers. It has 4 and 1/2 stars with 345 reviews. Good enough to say is yum !!


Last but not least with Apples. I love Apple Pie with Ice Cream on the side. We bought one slice from the Orchard last weekend. It was so delicious and topping it with butter pecan Ice Cream.

Wow...this recipes got 5463 reviews and 5 stars. Can you imagine how good this Apple Pie must be. I have to give it a try some time this Fall.

Now it is time to try one of them and will share with you how it turned out and how good they are.


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