Monday, October 28, 2013

Skyline Drive in the Autumn

Are you a spontaneous person ? My husband and I are. This Saturday we didn't have any plan for the weekend. This how it started. Woke up in the morning with the sun was bright and clear. Beautiful gorgeous day ! Still didn't have any plan. We had a little devotion. I made peanut butter pancake for breakfast for a change. And my husband didn't like it. Now I know :) Watched TLC Four Houses show. Took shower. The only plan I had was go to Post Office before noon to send out stuff from my EBay store.

After done with Post Office stuff. And back in the car at parking lot with this conversation:
My husband : " Now...where we going....?
Me: " I don't know..? Mm mm...How about we go to Skyline Drive...?
My husband: What....?? That is 2 and 1/2 drive..!!! I guess we can do that..! 
Me: How about we go the house and packed a couple of things such a drink, food, and stuff ( my frugal nature came :)
We did packed drinks, left over pull pork sandwich, apples. We had nice last minute picnic inside the basket. And off we go !!!
We have been wanting to drive through Skyline park. Last time we didn't want to do it because we I didn't want to pay $15 just to drive on it. But this time I was glad we did it. The view was amazing. To see the leaves changing colors and the valleys from the mountain top. Such an amazing experience to see God's creations.

I will share with you the pictures that I captured with my camera. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do. We were thinking to have camping there sometime next year. For sure not this time of the year. Last Saturday it was freezing up there about 35- 40 degrees at 4 pm with bright Sun. Can you imagine how cold it is at night ??. But some people still do camping there. As a matter of fact the camp site almost fully booked. Other than cold weather we had a great time. We love our spontaneous life :)

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