Monday, April 21, 2014

Our Easter Weekend !!

I didn't realize the month of April only one and half week left. We just celebrate Easter for this year. This past weekend my husband and I were looking at our calendar trip schedule between couple retreat, wedding, anniversary and over seas trip then we realized our calendar is already full. We are planning to do most of the trip although sadly one of the wedding we need to eliminated.

My sister in law's table setting

How was your Easter ? Did you had a nice time to celebrate the victory over dead ? Hallelujah !! Jesus is Risen !!

We had nice Resurrection Service at church. We bought this beautiful Lilies through our church in memory of my parents and my father in law.

We went to my brother in law house for dinner. The food was great. Everything made out of starch. My sister in law just adopted healthy habit diet. And we love it !!

I made carrots cake, asparagus and rolls, and macaroni salad.

We found/explored new park close to our house. We have known this park for a while and took a walk often there but there is the other side of the park that we haven't explore yet. So, this weekend we took our time to find out about it. We just love it the flowers are blooming and colorful. The weather just make it more inviting and beautiful to take a walk in the nice crisp Spring morning.

I hope you have a wonderful and nice weekend !!

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