Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Our Road Trip To West Virginia

I hope you had a wonderful day today ! I heard some part of the country is getting a little flurries today. Can you believe that. It's April already ! Today we got lots of rain and thunder storm.

The Greenbrier Resort in West Virginia

Last Saturday we went to visit one of my husband friend's and his family. Actually, he is his basket ball coach from high school and now become a pastor in a small country church in West Virginia.

We were stopping by at the Greenbrier Resort on the way there. No...we didn't stay there :) Probably sometimes in the future to celebrate our anniversary or some special event in our life. The resort is very beautiful and peaceful. It's a perfect place if you want to celebrate some special event with your husband. They offer lots of activities to do from golf, horse riding, spa , and bowling etc. We were walking around and took some pictures. The place not far from high way so its very convenient. From what I heard this resort is one of the historical place in USA. There is a bunker tour that cost around $35 including tax.  The lobby is very beautiful and looks very elegant too.

We were stay in hotel in Lewisburg, WV for free using my husband point from Wyndham group. We drive around Lewisburg and have dinner at this local BBQ restaurant.

Sunday morning we drove to the valley of beautiful West Virginia mountains to visit my husband friend's and attended his church. We had a nice Sunday worship service, had lunch and catching up with each other life :)

Around late afternoon we were drove back home and stop by at this another resort in mountain the Homestead Resort in Virginia you can read about it more here. This resort took us about 1 and 1/2 hours from interstate. The place is beautiful and have the uniqueness as well. But if I have a choice I would go with the Greenbrier because its convenient to drive :)

Both resorts distance just one and half hours from each other.

After all, we had a nice weekend visiting our friend and sight seeing of two beautiful resorts.

The Homestead Resort in Virginia

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