Thursday, April 10, 2014

Spring Vignette ( Without Spending Money )

Hi Everyone !!

It's bright and sunny here ! I hope you have the beautiful day !

I love to listen to the birds singing in the morning and see the flowers starting to bud in the Spring. My only problem is the allergies that come with it. I try to endure it without take any medication.

There is something about flower that make me ( you ) feel cheerful. I try my best to always have live flowers in my house. Most of the time it is my orchids.

I'm using flower inspiration on my Spring Vignette this year. Nothing extravagant just simple milk glasses filled with little flowers. I add some branches that I picked out from the woods behind our house. Next, add a few birds and hang little pastel eggs around the tree and you have a festive spring decoration. I'm glad how it turned out without spending any money. I just used what I already have.


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