Thursday, July 25, 2013

How Do I Buy Stuff For "Free"

Hi all ! Oh's hot here ! I have been painting outside and God knows how much sweat I have had. I will show you later in other post what I'm working on.

Are you one of those people who love to get " free" stuff. I do ! Last year I was reading a blog and
talked about Swagbucks. I read and learn about it from their website. I give a try and I was hook ever since. You can get point by just searching, watching TV and printing out coupon,  there are so much more to do to earn the point. After you get 450 point you can exchange it into $5 gift card from Amazon.

I started this swagbucks thing around late August last year and I've already earn $120 on gift card  from Amazon so far. That is a lot consider I didn't do much. You can do more than this if you do survey or other stuff they offer. And I buy stuff from Amazon when they have a good sale for the things I need. This way I got more for my money.

Here are some stuff that bought with my Swagbucks money ( pictures below). I have got stuff for my house, gift for nephew/niece or even some toy for my husband :) So you can make someone special in your life happy without breaking your bank !!

Don't you just love that :)




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