Friday, July 19, 2013

Failed Bargain Hunting turned to BLESSING !!

Happy Friday All ! I hope your area is nice and cool or is it HOT like mine. Either way I hope you have a nice day !
Beautiful Pitcher made in Japan $.50

Last Saturday, my husband and I were searching for an Estate Sale in our area and saw this ad on craigslist. We went there and found out the estate sale was held in this warehouse complex. We went inside and found lots of really old items from furniture to household items and clothes. Most of them had a high price tag. In my opinion, they were outrageous. Some of the furniture was full of dust and really needed some elbow grease and lots of sandpaper but they were selling them for about $40-$50 each. I wish I took pictures to show you.
Nice China Bowl by Noritake $5

After browsing for about 20 minutes and finding nothing. We were about to head home and I remembered an ad from a local magazine that I read 2 weeks ago at my Dentist office. The ad was about this non-profit organization that will hold a yard sale and all the profits go to shelters and care for homeless people in my area.

Have you heard of Caritas? Do you have one in your area ? This is the first time I heard about this organization ( thank God for waiting 30 minutes at my Dentist and the magazine :) I read about their mission and it is very thoughtful and caring. They do yard sales once a month and all the stuff is donated by people or companies. Some of the furniture is consider new or has a little broken piece.
Nice Lemon/Lime Juicer by Chef'n $1.50

Anyway, we went to check it out... out of curiosity. We got inside the building and started looking around. They have so much stuff... mostly furniture because of their mission. My husband and I were thinking to get something from them even if their price was not like a regular yard sale. To our surprise, their price wasn't bad at all and very reasonable.

Window Curtain Rod the person who donated it wrote from Pottery Barn :) $4

We were browsing without planning to buy a lot of stuff. But hey...look what we got after less than an hour. My favorite is this beautiful faux bamboo coffee table. I'm working on this table now. I will share with you in another post what I did with it :)

Lane Faux Bamboo coffee table with bevel glass top ( I took out the glass for this picture ) $20

My husband and I were glad went to Caritas. We met really nice people who have a heart to help others. We were thinking to volunteer there. The fun part from this trip was we only spent $31 for all the stuff  we got ( all the pictures above ).
Have you failed bargain hunting only to find a blessing!!!


  1. You got some nice things and helped people out at the same time good deal all around

    1. Thank you Robin !! You have a wonderful and blessed weekend !!



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