Friday, July 26, 2013

I Got All Of These For $0

Happy Friday All !! I'm so proud of myself today ! If you have been reading my blog for couple of times you will know by now that I love to save money in everything. One of them is through couponing. So, I will post about couponing from time to time on this blog. I hooked up to this couponing thing since last year and still need to learn a lot about it.

These are a couple of couponing blog that check very often everyday moneysavingmom, hip2save and you can Google to find out another blog out there lots of them. I'm not extreme couponing by any mean ( way far from that :). But every pennies that I save will count to pay the bill, saving or ( sometimes helping others )

I went through my coupon bag yesterday and found out that my $5 ECB from CVS will expired tomorrow. This afternoon I went there. First things I do when I get to the store is to scan my CVS card on coupon machine by the door. This red machine will print out a bunch of coupons. Today I got paper towel coupon save  $ .79  on one. I was browsing through the store and thinking what can use my $5 ECB for ( stuff that use for sure ).

I saw honey bunches cereal for sale 2/$4. So got 2 of them and 2 liter of Coke for $.88 also paper towel for sale $.79 ( remember I got $.79  off from coupon machine so make it free ). The cashier was so nice so she adjust my coupon to $.69 because I was over $.10


 Isn't  it make your weekend much better when you go shopping and pay nothing out of your wallet for the stuff you bring home!
Have a happy Friday all !!

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