Saturday, July 6, 2013

From A Lamp Base Into A Bud Vase

I love to make something beautiful without spending money. And today is one of those moment I'm glad I make it. I posted about what I found from Cart dumpster at Goodwill Outlet a couple of weeks ago. But I don't have this lamp picture on the post. At the time I picked it I don't have any idea what to do with it but I grabbed it anyway. I believe you can find this type of lamp at Target.

Also I don't have any picture before I took off the hardware from the base. There is no wire hook to the hardware. I'm  thinking to recycle it and make it into a bud vase. I wasn't sure if this is a good idea. But since everything free and really easy job I just go ahead and did it.

After I took of the hardware part, I put a silk rose bud ( free as well from the dumpster cart :). And I'm glad with the result. Free center piece on my dining table and very simple.

I like the color and the shape of the lamp base. And I'm not planning to make another lamp out of it. I think this is better than keep it as a lamp.


  1. see, now that's creative thinking! I like it just as part of a vignette on it's own, too.


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